Puppy Safety.


Puppy safety can be a big worry, and while great care and attention has to be applied you must try to not become paranoid about it.

Puppy safety is generally common sense, but here are a few tips to help you.


Puppy safety starts with learning the” puppy shuffle”, which is learning to walk without lifting your feet off the ground so you cannot tread on puppy. Puppies will run very close to your feet and it really is very easy to step on them. Or you have to remember to look before you move, “every time” which is a habit that comes with experience.


If you have had children, you can apply similar rules to your puppy safety. Keep all cleaning fluids well out of reach, bleach will “burn” puppy internally and externally, particularly the pads on puppy’s feet. Insecticides are very toxic and if taken internally could prove fatal, to puppy safety and more importantly his health.


To ensure puppy safety you need to clear everything away out of reach, this includes not having table clothes that puppy could pull on, causing anything on the table to fall on him. If there was something hot, on the table, it could scold puppy. Curtains need to be raised, out of reach, for the sake of the curtains as much as for puppy safety.


All small objects are a minefield of worry where puppy safety is concerned, as they  could cause either immediate choking, or create an internal blockage, which can take days to realise that there is  a problem, then suddenly it is an emergency operation. So for puppy safety be sure to remove all small objects such as; balls, needles, rubber bungs, coins, buttons, pens, bottle tops, even small bones, stones and sticks, the list is endless.


Depending on the size of your puppy, be sure to close windows and doors, to ensure puppy safety. You do not want puppy to be outside unsupervised. If you have a balcony  be sure puppy safety is checked by being sure puppy  cannot squeeze through the bars. If he can get his head through, the rest will follow, and if there is a big drop a fatal accident could follow.


One very difficult puppy safety feature, is door closing. Puppies really are very quick and determined to stay with you, so never close a door quickly without checking that puppy is not half way through it.


Puppy Safety is Important but do not let it stop you having Fun.


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