Electronic Collars

Electronic collars are thought to be the simplest and most humane training tool for dog training, as it gives the trainer the capability to communicate with the dog in an instant.  At the very moment that the dog needs to be made aware that it has done something that it shouldn’t, the Electronic collar is able to make the dog understand. The dog will probably repeat the same mistake again, but if the Electronic collar is used consistently the training will be affective.


 Electronic collars  gives the dog a very short electric shock, by remote control. Many people will recoil at the thought of giving their beloved pet a tiny jolt, but the same person might think nothing of administering other forms of correction, which not only hurt the dog more, but also make the dog wary of you, because “you” hurt it.  Where as the electronic collar corrects the dog without it realizing it came from you, so your dog still has 100% trust in you.


 It is advisable that you do not use the electronic collar without a little training, so that you know what you are doing.  It should be possible for you to go to a local gun dog training club and learn., as they make good use of electronic collar training .


Electronic collars are very effective with persistent behaviour problems that you have been unable to correct with other means;


1) Car chasing, is very difficult to cure without the use of a devise, such as the electronic collar.


") Excessive barking, can be cured by other methods, but it is a lot quicker and easier with the use of an electronic collar.


3) Sheep chasing is almost impossible to cure without an electronic collar.


These are just some of the problems that can be solved with the electronic collar.


Electronic Collars are not cheap, but they are affective.


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