Dog Puppy Training.



When you bring home your puppy you have to replace everything he has lost. You have to teach and comfort your puppy also to feed and play with him. You need to be a responsible dog owner and understand how important your role is in developing your dog’s character. Yes all dogs come with their own individual character and temperament, but it is your reaction to his actions that moulds the finished product; the  dog that he becomes, whether that be good or bad, really is up to you. Dogs become badly behaved because their owners have either ignored their bad habits or just failed to notice the signals.



 Give puppy 24 hours to settle in, once you are confident that puppy is happy, you must not think in terms of “ puppy is too young to learn” a  young puppy accept what you want of them without questioning you. You just have to get puppy to understand what you want him to do, or not do, as kindly but firmly as you can, for example; lets say that you wish puppy to learn to sit on a particular mat at your feet, when you are sat down in the evening, Start with a box with a mat in it, put puppy in it. When he tries to climb out, just gently push him down and say “bed”.  It will not take puppy very long to understand that he stays in the box, even to the point that you will be able walk away and he will stay in the box. At this point you can do away with the box and just keep the mat, and when you say “bed” puppy will stay on the mat. This really would not take very much effort on your part, but you will need to “keep your eye on him”, concentrate on reading his body movements, so that you learn to antisipate his next move.



Ask yourself “ how do you want your puppy to behave when he is fully grown”, if you do not want him jumping on the furniture, do not let him do it “ just because he is a puppy”. If you never let him up on the furniture he will accept it fairly quickly while he is a puppy, but if you decide to stop him jumping up when he is say 6 months old it will take a lot more, effort on your part, to change the habit, because he is older and wiser, and will have a stronger will of his own.



The Golden Rules;


1        Anything you do not want puppy to do when he is fully grown do not let him do it just because he is a puppy!

2 It is always easier to not let bad habits or behaviour develop than it is to cure them.


Another example; if you do not wish puppy to sleep in your bedroom when he is an adult do not have him there as a puppy, not even the first night. Yes a may well be a little noisy, but puppy will get over it, usually quite quickly, providing you do not go down and see him. If you do he will soon learn that if he howls you come to see him, so don’t.

Another good reason for not having puppy in your bedroom is that it is the first step towards him accepting you as the “Alpha” leader. This puppy must do, for you to have good control over him, and it will assist you when you are training puppy in other ways.


Always remove everything out of his reach that you do not want him to chew, (prevention is better than cure) but be sure to give puppy plenty of toys and chews so that he can do what all puppies naturally need to do and that is to chew! A tasty bone should help with the teething problems and boredom.


             I am also a great believer in always leaving the radio on to keep a puppy  company, especially when you are not, there even all night, as they find silence hard to cope with. It also makes them less likely to bark at every little noise that might alert them.


The time you spend with your puppy in the early months will repay you three fold, it really is the most important time. It is best to confine puppy to a fairly small area so it is easier for you to keep an eye on him. If you watch him closely you will notice a change in his actions just before he relieves himself, usually running around sniffing, this is your queue to pick him up and take him outside, telling him “ to hurry up” and when he performs, to make a big fuss of him. It will not be very long before he puppy will be looking at the door,( only very shortly) this is your queue that he needs to go out. It can be helpful to have doggy treats handy to give him for being good.



 You need to understand that for the treat or fuss, to be associated with the action it needs to be given within a matter of seconds to be effective. The same applies to any reprimand for bad behaviour, it must be applied within seconds for it to be understood and therefore effective.



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