Dog Obedience Training.




Do you want a well behaved dog? 




Of course you do, nobody likes a badly behaved dog, you and your dog will not be welcomed anywhere. But put time and effort into obedience training and you, and your dog, will not only be welcomed where ever you go but you will experience real satisfaction at knowing that you have trained your dog to be obedient. Your dog will have a greater respect for you and you will enjoy a greater bonding with him.





Obedience training is best done in a group, so that your dog learns to be obedient even when there are distraction  around him. They are great fun, and you learn a lot just watching others training their dogs. Obedience training schools should be easily found in your local area. Look in your local papers, or ask at your local kennels or vets. Sometimes your vets do short courses of obedience and socialising  courses because it is in their interest to have your dog well trained and used to being handled by them, then when your dog has to pay them a visit, they have fewer problems when treating him.





Your first few visits to an obedience training school will be tiring for you and your dog. Everything will be so new to your dog, he will need to make friends with all the other dogs, and until he has accepted them all he will have trouble concentrating on his obedience training. But once your dog has settled down both you and your dog will really enjoy yourselves. In time you will realise just how important it is for you to attend an obedience training school.





You can of course have a personal trainer come to your house, which saves you the trouble of having to travel to the obedience school. This can be an advantage if your dog is a bad traveller, or if he has been allowed to develop bad social habits  which could make it very difficult, even unpleasant for you to try and retrain him in the company that you would meet at an obedience school. 


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