Dog Food Ingredients.


Dog food ingredients can differ considerably, just as human food ingredients can. Most of the time you get what you pay for, when it comes to the ingredients in your dog food.


Most dogs are happy and healthy on your average dog food, but just like humans, some dogs can be seriously affected by the ingredients in the food you feed them.

If this concerns you, you need to start reading the labels to discover what ingredients are in your particular brand of dog food.


You can now buy dog food that is wheat free and corn free. You also need to check the ingredients to see if it has artificial colours and flavourings, and harsh preservatives like BHA.


Another favourite ingredient for dog food is ethoxiquin, which the pet food companies that put it in their food will tell you that it is perfectly safe, but not everyone agrees with this opinion, try typing 'ethoxyquin toxicity' and 'ethoxyquin detoxification' into google and see what you get, it is too lengthy a subject to write about here.


Other ingredients included in dog food are tallow, and added animal fat.  Nasty fillers and by products are also included in the ingredients of your dog food.  Around about 50% of every animal in the food change does not get used in human foods, all the “rubbish” makes up the ingredients in dog food. On the label they may be marked as “ by products” or “ meat and bone meal”, which might not alert you to the real nature of the ingredients. All these nasties can upset the digestion system, or affect your dogs’ overall health, create weight problems and sometimes be responsible for aggression problems.


There are now healthy options to the standard dog foods that do not include all these unhealthy ingredients. Natural dog foods that use human grade ingredients, to improve the quality of the dog food ingredients and obviously improve the health of your dog.


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